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Can something be done about the FB group? In the last 20 minutes, hardcore porn has appeared on the group and is probably very illegal to watch! Why is this group set to public and anyone is allowed to join without any vetting?

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This happens because remains as ¨Public group¨ and with the new settings of FB anyone can enter to the group and post things nothing to do with the group.
I wrote a post to the adms. claiming for ¨Private status¨
Unfortunately many people want this group to remain “Public”
The results are visible. And the worst of all is that if new ¨members¨ start reporting the page not to the adms but to FB, the page will have a bad image/reputation and secondly the SOTA Program.
Well, many do not want to understand…

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Ahhh I forgot it! I put my first post in ¨Disable comment¨ because my post was direct to the Adms.
And the fun fact is that I was blocked, suspended or deleted from the group. I don´t know if this action came from the adms team or someone who didnt like my comment.

The glib answer is to not visit it!!



Tbh I am thinking of leaving that group, the thing is the group admins don’t realise they can be held legally responsible for what is posted, one of the porn posts this afternoon looked like a link to a bestiality video, which is illegal in the UK, the question is do the group admins fancy their chances with being prosecuted and end up on the sex offenders register?


The FB page linked from the links above is run by a 3rd party and is nothing to do with the SOTA MT. You need to contact the group admin.


I did but seeing as they don’t want to do anything I have left and unfollowed.

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I’m also banned from that group. No reason given. Anyone else?

I just did a quick review of the FB SOTA group and see lots of posts from people I know back in the US.

Whatever is offending, didn’t leap off the page but then I don’t dig deep and now alerted definitely won’t!

On the whole the group seems fine to me but I’m really not a frequent visitor.


You don’t want kiddie porn on your computer in any form, especially opening a link. In the US, they lock you up first and ask questions later. Five year sentence is common.

Elliott, K6EL


I went over to the group and saw a spam post and a porn post. When I messaged the admim, I was told they want to keep the group public to raise awareness. I then left the group.


Saw some bike pawn a DL station rode his nice Ebike to the summit.
Have not seen any other pawn at my end unless its a SOTA page I don’t follow.
[Sota]Summits On The Air
Be careful old fellas you could burn yourself watching FB at coffee time.
vk5cz …

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I have never seen any such spam or links to pornography on the SOTA Facebook group, and I’m active on FB every day. I receive notifications of posts in that group too - but never seen any of this described unwanted material. Setting the group ton private sounds sensible, not sure why there would be resistance to that. Also not sure why @G3CWI is blocked as I was always under the impression that the group owner liked him! I can only imagine it’s something that’s happened automatically by a robot running from a blunt algorithm - lots of issues with those on FB at present.

Steve @M0SGB - can you shed any more light on all this?

Which SOTA FB group is being talked about here?

Well, you were lucky. You could leave by your own decision. Instead without the slightest explanation, I was eliminated.


This came up last year too and they took a poll. Still on the page if you search the page but heres a screen shot. Most of us asked for private but they chose public.

Their response Log into Facebook | Facebook

Its time to reconsider…

de AG7GP


I remember this very well! And despite the result, they with valid reasons (valid at that time) decided to remain public. But at that time FB allowed anyone who wanted to join to do a simple questionnaire. FB recently changed that aspect and anyone can join without being questioned. Due to this last aspect, spams have grown exponentially and what has been happening in recent days is quite serious.
There are some who say “I haven’t seen anything” and this to a great extent (not at all) has an explanation. Most of these spammers are from Southeast Asia and due to a time factor I can see them from the beginning and I have dedicated myself to reporting dozens of them.
Yesterday when I went to do an activation I wanted to put a notice on FB and the first thing I found were pornographic links. Of course I reported them but it took hours for them to disappear. This didn’t stop until my night when after posting aspects of my activation the first thing that appeared was another pornographic post, resulting from the same user who had been reported by me several hours before and supposedly removed by the admins.
And what hurts me the most is that my son just saw and asked me what that was…

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I had not seen anything, then 2 in 15min.

I learned from another public group they can make it to where any new person posting has to have their first post approved by admin. With what’s being posted it would not only not make it but the person would get banned immediately. Hopefully. Might be an option🤷‍♀️


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Which Facebook group are we talking about?


Good question and I didn’t realize more than one FB SOTA group existed.

My comments are about the 9.6k member group….the other one that has Free Expression in the title already raises a question in my mind.