FAA issues new phonetic alphabet

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…are you sure?

Good joke.

Dave AA1VX

Can you find the news on the FAA website? I couldn’t.
I even wouldn’t know how to spell 4 of the 6 digits of my callsign.

This HAS to be some idiots idea of a joke, right??

A – Aisle          Isle of Man ??
B – Bdellium    wtf? 
C – Czar          sounds like it starts with  Z
D – Django      sounds like it starts with J
E – Eye            IS  I
F – Foxtrot
G – Gnat         That was with N right?
H – Hour          As in "our" (H is always silent)
I – Inside          
J – Jalapeno    Pronounced stating with the "H" missing from "Hour"
K – Knight        as in Night
L – Lima
M – Mnemonic  Most foreign speaker can't even pronounce this! 
N – Nancy         9  C  
O – Oedipus     Where is Eddie's cat?
P – Pterodactyl  WTF 
Q – Quran         is that Koran or Coran?
R – Romeo
S – Sierra
T – Tsunami      Zoo what?
U – Uniform
V – Victor
W – Wreath      I think that's "reathing" too far!
X – Xylophone
Y – Yankee
Z – Zulu

At least the person posting this has bought a nice domain name! The other artcles on the site are also worth reading - ROTFL!!

73 Ed.


T for Trump maybe
Another bit of fake news

Dave G0ELJ

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If people want to have a joke they need to make it believable. Like a good April Fool, it has to be plausible which is where so many spoofs fail. (The Guardian’s Republic of San Serife and BBC’s 1957 Spaghetti Harvest are good examples that worked well.)

Sadly the FAA like a lot of US government is shutdown right now and has been for sometime. So the FAA were not releasing anything on Dec31st 2018 as nobody was at work. At this point you don’t need to actually read any further.


If anyone needs further proof that the article is a hoax, just read the other items on site!

Additionally, if you look hard enough, there’s this statement on the ‘About’ page. -

This site publishes satire. If you don’t have a sense of humor that is unfortunate.

I prefer Ham Hijinks myself :slight_smile:



X – Xylophone

Puts me in mind of an episode of Family Fortunes some years ago when the public were asked for words begining with the letter “z”. Non of the comtesttants guessed the mosy poplar word, something like 60%, Yes you’ve guessed it.

“X – Xylophone”


Very obviously a windup, but still quite funny. Made me laugh anyway.

Czar is more look like as a Russian phonetic alphabet.