Hi folks, chaser and activators

The weather seems to be wonderfull for tomorrow 23 of June !
F6GLZ and I will be in Vosges Mountains in the east of France (FL/VO).
In the morming, we will be in FL/VO-083 and in the Afternoon, we will operate from FL/VO-081.
We will use a specific call that is F8UFT/p in order to participate to our QRP CW Contest.
UFT is Union Française des Télégraphistes, You understood right this is our CW main club in France.

So, the goal is for sur to contact maximum Ham station, but the procedure is a bit different than as usual.
If you contact us, we would like to know if you are QRO or QRP. So, we ask you to send us a report as following :
More than 5 Watts: RST/QRO/n°UFT or NM if you are Non-Member of UFT
5 watts and less: RST/QRP/n°UFT or NM if you are Non-Member of UFT

We will be with 5 watts with a delta loop antenna, and qrv on 80,40,20,15 and 10 m

Hope to meet you tomorrow morning from 06.00 to 09.00 tu and from 14.00 to 17.00 tu.

best regards

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C U Tomorrow morning on 80 m and evening on 40 m (maybe on my cloud)
73 Roger

Bis morgen Roger !