F8CZI/P on Sota F/VL-007

Hi all.

I visited the Mai, 05. the Sota F/VL-007, Bois de Pierre Saux @ 641m asl.

I had this time a little more time to activate this summit after my work and before returning back to my home after 2.5 hours drive time. I enjoyed the possibility to work more chaser and I want to thanks all of them.
A special thanks to Roy G4SSH for the first qso of this activation, Roy who wrote me a nice message for encouragement after my first CW activation last September in OE/VB-454.

I hope I wrote no error in all the callsigns, so please check in the Sota database if our qso is right reported. In case of an error, please give me a feedback for correction.

I read in some other topic that de 40m band is not the simplest one to start CW QSO for a beginner. But because not enough time to adapt / mount the antenna to the right frequency, I prefer to work this band so I can be sure I will found chasers in a short time to qualify the activation from the Sota.

My CW learning is on the right way and I think the level will improve in the next activations.

And small activity report like this one will also improve English language level. This will be helpful for my next holidays …maybe with Sota activity!


Laurent de F8CZI

In reply to F8CZI:

Delighted to have another QSO Laurent. Your FT-817 and Inv Vee antenna was giving me a good signal. Your CW is a pleasure to read, keep going !