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F8CZI at F/VO-076

After this fast activation of the SOTA F / VO-076 I would like to:

  • Thank all Om for the realized qso
  • Excuse me for the fast stop of the activity because the start of the rain.

Hoping to contact you from another summit.

Best 73s de Laurent F8CZI

In reply to F8CZI:
It was good to work you Laurent. I just got home from work and there you were !

Best 73s de Andrew, G4AFI

In reply to F8CZI:

Nice to have worked you Laurent on F/VO-076 hope to work you again on another summit.

Best 73s de Terry G0VWP

In reply to F8CZI:
Tnx Laurent for excellent sigs here in North Wales John GW4ZPL.