F6HBI/P Gerald

Hi Gerald
I can not find an email address for you. You have logged our QSO on the 17th Jan 2012 at 12:31 from F/AM-323 on 10MHz CW as MM0TUB. The correct call sign is M0TUB - can you fix it?

In reply to M0TUB:
Hi Dave, sorry about that mistake, that was probably because of the cold wind that made my hand shaking and layed down MM instead of M.
Il will correct that, in the database. By the way my e-mail is gerald.tosan@free.fr best 73’s and cu from other summit.

In reply to F6HBI:

Merci beaucoup mon ami. Très appréciée.
Il était plus probable mon envoi pauvres!!


In reply to M0TUB:

Show off :wink:

Edit: really must request the change of username to my intermediate!

In reply to M6LDJ:

The wonders of Google translation Leigh

Never mind the intermediate - time you had an advanced callsign !! :<)

In reply to M6LDJ:

must request the change of username

If it’s for the database then there’s no need. You can change the callsign yourself. The username is never displayed or used other than to log in and so can remain unchanged as only you see it.

If it’s for Sotawatch then you create a new account with your new call and start using that.