F6ENO : 100th "Unique"!

The father of SOTA-France, Alain F6ENO, achieved his 100th “Unique” Tuesday, July 14th by activating F/AM-144, “Cîme de la Bonette”, 9383 ft, 10 points.
First French to make a success of this score, it places him in 14th position " All Associations " mode CW. Beautiful result since the beginning of SOTA-France on April 1st, 2007.
At present, during his ramble in the Park of Mercantour, he’ll try to activate F/AM-087 on Sunday, 19, and F/AM-079 on Thursday, 23. Only on 40 m CW, and “quickly”. He is not alone: walking group !
On Monday, 27 or Tuesday, 28, he could be on F/AB-023 “La Grande Ruine”, 12352 ft.
Congratulations Alain!
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL

Congratulations Alain for being the first SOTA activatior from France to activate 100 uniques.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to F5AKL:

Merci bcp pour les actualités André!

Alors F6ENO est le 1er qui a gagner
le tour de France de SOTA!
Moi aussi je veux passer mes félicitations
à l´ami Alain à cette grande puissance.
Bravo pour 100 “unique” et bonne chance
pour les prochaines 100.
A bientôt en télégraphie avec les lettres francaises
et j´éspere tu as le temps pour un verre Champagne.

Meilleurs 73, amitiés et a la votre santé!

Congratulations Alain on attaining 100 uniques. You have travelled around quite a bit to achieve that total which must have taken you many hours of planning. Well done!

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to F5AKL:

Many congratulations on attaining 100 Uniques, Alain.

Thank you for all the chaser points you have provided on your way to this milestone.

CU again soon


Congratulations French Boss.
I’m not retired yet but take care cosly as soon as it’s done. I will climb everywhere … ;-))
73 QRO

Many congratulations Alain. Here is to the next 100!

(currently sat at 103 uniques)

In reply to F5AKL:
Many thanks for all your Chaser points Alain, also for the DX from Western Sahara. See you again soon on the bands.
Kind regards and 73

In reply to G4CMQ:

Hi all,

Many thanks for your kind words.

I’m just back home after 10 mountain hiking days. Great tour with some 3000m summits, but without radio… sorry !
I’m a little bit tired and burned by sun… hi !

100 more uniques seems a hard challenge to me, but… let’s see…

David, I hope new QSO with you (and other SOTA friends) from 2 big expeditions in 2010… but not a word more for now…

Thanks all and see you soon from summits

Alain F6ENO

Félicitations, Alain !!

Bien fait


In reply to F5AKL:
Hi Alain!

Congratulation to your 100th Unique Summits. Well done !!!

73 de Christian OE5HCE

In reply to F5AKL:
Congrats to you Alain for 100 uniques in France. I wish you many SOTA Summits and SOTA contacts vy 73 de HB9TNF Guido

mes felicitations, Alain, pour les 100 “uniques”.
Bonne chance pour les 100 suivants.
ça me plait toujours de te contacter en télégraphie, soit d’ un sommet, soit du QTH normale.
73’s UFT de Jürg / HB9BAB