F5ODQ new French MG

Hi all,

Today with the nice 10 pointer F/PO-084, Alain @F5ODQ became a Mountain Goat :goat:

Congratulations :clap: :+1:

73, Éric


Many Congratulations Alain. Well done on achieving MG and also for your activations honouring Guru. There are many more mountains to climb… as we say, Onwards and Upwards!

73, Gerald


Congratulations Alain!!

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Welcome to the herd Alain!
73 Fabio

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Congratulation Alain @F5ODQ :tada: :goat: :beers: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Congratulations Alain on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations to Alain who has just reached the 1st MG ! Alain passionate about mountains has reached this goal in just two years… In view of its many activities and its family life it is a real performance. Bravo Alain, you join the top 10 of the French MG !.
Chris - F4WBN


Congratulations Alain!


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Ken & Kay, KE7BGM

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Un grand bravo Alain,
Nous savons tous qu’atteindre ce titre de MG est au prix de nombreux efforts.
Nous sommes maintenant 11 OM français, à composer le troupeau, avec Tof F5UBH (region FL).
J’avais fait quelques statistiques, il y a qqs années en ce qui me concerne, pour obtenir les 1000 Points (166 Sommets, 149 Uniques, 36 sommets avec bonus)
ce qui represente 118 expeditions, 8500 QSO, et prés de 11.800km de voiture.
avec 132.000m d’ascension cumulée et 1600km de marche!!!
Je sais combien les sommets de ta région son difficiles à atteindre et que ceux qui sont faciles sont souvent balayés par un vent violent qui rend l’activation compliquée.
Bravo Alain, et bravo aussi à ton Net-Control qui fidele au poste assure l’assistance.
73 de Gerald F6HBI


many congrats alain, very well done was nice to work you on your MG summit today , ray

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Congratulations :clap: Alain.
73 de Marcial.

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Congratulations Alain great to hear, many thanks for all the contacts look forward to many more. 73 Don.

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Chapeau bas Alain :champagne:

Many thanks for S2S QSOs :wink:

73, Jarek

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Congratulations Alain :+1: great achievement!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Congratulations Alain! Welcome to the herd Baaaa!

Andy, N4LAG

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Hi ,

I thank you all for your messages as well as those who have already thanked me in SOTA during my last activation in the Hautes Pyrénées.
Thanks also to Christian @F4WBN who is always listening to me during my activations.
I would have liked to share a beer with each of you but that would be a lot of beers…Hi

Mountain is my passion; sharing in SOTA is another but it only exists by your presence (chaseurs and activators).
Tomorrow I’m going to celebrate my birthday with the whole family at the restaurant and I’ll take the opportunity to have a Scottish or Irish Whiskey to celebrate this event.

I just have one regret; that of not being able to have a drink with Guru for this occasion…

There are still many peaks to climb…so the adventure continues

73’ Alain

Last activation


Dear Alain,

congratulations on your first MG, and sure you’ll get on towards your next one.
Hooray for the increasing French team!

It was a pleasure to meet you in Pamplona, and is great to have a french SOTA neighbor.
You know we will always remember that special activation with Guru as well.

Thanks for your enthusiasm in the mountains and good health for continuing for long. We will keep in touch and I’ll try to give you completes after your visits in Navarra, hi.

73 et meilleures voeux.

Hello Ignacio,

Yes it’s great to have friends on the other side of the border. I hope to have your visit with your family soon in Bayonne.
Activation for Guru is not complete; there are still two days left at the beginning of July.
See you soon for other joint activations in Navarre or Lower Navarre.

73’ Alain

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Merci Gérald,

Oui les sommets en PO sont souvent difficiles, principalement les 10 pts avec des passages aériens mais la récompense est au final avec de superbes vues.
Je te souhaite un bon séjour à Freidrichafen avec de belles activations.

73’ Alain

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