F5MOG /P on FL/VO sota Jun 6-7-8 2023

Hello all,

I plan to have a 3 days SOTA tour June 6-7-8. The weather is expected to be nice, however, in the mountains, it can change quickly, so my program is not finalized. My target list of summits is below, likely not all of them, and not necessarily in the order shown. qsos with pleasure.
I will try to send alerts whenever possible.

73 de Pierre F5MOG

|FL/VO-018|Haut du Rouge Gazon| may be June 5 end of afternoon
|FL/VO-088|Le Faing Berret|
|FL/VO-066|le Rondfaing|
|FL/VO-067|Le Haut du Roc|
|FL/VO-024|Le Faing des Meules|
|FL/VO-015|TĂŞte de Grouvelin|
|FL/VO-031|La Goutte Logelot|
|FL/VO-089|Haut de la Pierre de Taille|
|FL/VO-029|TĂŞte de Nayemont|
|FL/VO-020|La Croix Hanzo|
|FL/VO-014|Chaume de SĂ©richamp|
|FL/VO-003|Gazon du Faing|
|FL/VO-173|Boule du Diable (est)|
|FL/VO-011|Sommet de Belle Hutte|


Hello Pierre

You have a sporty program ahead of you. But it is well doable if you are already in the area and have short distances… and it has long time daylight.

I will also be in the Vosges tomorrow… but I do not know yet on which summits. Very many I have already activated this year.

Some summits on which you are, I am still missing as a chaser for a complete. I will definitely keep my ears open.

I wish you a great time!

73 Armin

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Hi Armin,

Thanks Armin, for your comments, I will be very glad if I can help you for one or more completes. I know that the FL/VO is your playground !
I will go with my motorhome…so I will sleep in the area to minmize the travels.
I am alone in my motorhome, If you are in the same part of the Vosges, I can offer you a bed/beer/breakfest for one or more nights if you are interested. I plan to be in FL/VO-018 end of afternoon today.
if interested you can mail me directly, my mail is on qrz.com
f5mog at ref68 dot com should work to, with some latency due to redirection. I can give you my phone by mail.
And I will go to Friedrichshaffen, so I will meet you there.

73 de Pierre F5MOG

I will be activating G/SC-001, G/SC-002, G/SC-005, G/SC-006 over the same period, HF CW & SSB.

If we are lucky with timing we might manage a S2S. :slight_smile:

Also travelling and staying in a motorhome! :slight_smile:

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I am in the Vosges currently. Here all week. Hope our schedules overlap for S2S fun!

I am based in the south. At the municipal campsite at Urbès, just east of the Col du Bussang.



Thank You , Pierre, for the information of your forthcoming activations. It was good to hear you today from FL/VO-018 at 16:24 UTC. Sigs.599. Band conditions have been very bad today, QRN/QRM/QSB. Well done. Pierre. Best Wishes for the remainder of your SOTA Tour. Paul M0CQE

Bonjour Pierre

Thank you very much for the QSOs yesterday… I have long wished for a QSO with FL/VO-067 and FL/VO-088. Both are completes for me.

I was often QRV during announced activities on these summits - but it never worked out.

73 - Armin