F5HTR/P on FL/VO-092 14.062 can not spot

Database error? Not possible to spot

cannot access the “association” site right now … there seems to be some problem!

database working again … thanks!

The DB was offline from about 750 to 850. When this happens on a Saturday morning towards the end of the month, it is usually the hosting company applying Windows update patches and rebooting the server. As such, I normally allow extra time time before I report the fault as it probably isn’t a real outage.

It looks fine now.

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Thank you very much Andy - website seems to be responding more quickly now to summit info pages and the SOTA Cluster is all good. Much appreciated.


I often think these things are your brain playing tricks, but it did seem that the DB was running a bit slow the last few days. The problem with it being on a shared server is you don’t know if it’s just someone else “eating all the pies” or something with your own instance or somthing with the server.

So a reboot will have flushed out all the tubes and so the data can flow swifter! :grin: