F4VPX/p Puy-de-Dôme F/MC-027


for my 1st European SOTA day I was planning to do Puy de Sancy F/MC-001 but unfortunately weather predictions were right. So as a Backup plan I went to Puy-de-Dome F/MC-027 which I can see from my house every day heh and as I knew it was going to be pretty bad weather I wanted to be able to go down pretty fast so I took the panoramique train up and walked to where I intended to be qrv from but, there is always a but, when I got there, the AIR FORCE when making some publicity and they squatted the whole place. So I ended up by seting up the antenna close to the main buildings, right at the arrival area! well, bad idea… 58 QRM on all bands!! I should have guessed… tried first CQs and was able to work a few DLs and Gs but that did not looked good so I packed everything to a new spot. In about 1h I found a pretty quiet place just bellow the very HIGH TNT TX antenne. Perfect, no QRM !

From all my activations I was anger to try this one and honestly I was a bit disapointed with the result because I had more or less the same QSOs as I had on the smallest 1 point summits. Anyhow always fun to work you all.

114 QSOs with 30 S2S
FT817 5W and linked dipole 60 40 30 20m and dipole for 17m at the same feed point

here are some nice photos of the magnificent Puy-de-Dôme with a view to some of my future activations