F4VPX/p Puy de Bane F/MC189

Hi everyone,

Just subscribed to the forum.

Today I’ll try to be active from Puy de Bane F/MC189, last activity was back in 2016.

I will try to be ON from 16UTC to 18UTC

As usuall, FT817 with brand new 25000mAh battery, 5W and my 40/30/20m dipole

Cu guys later
73’s Filipe F4VPX


Hello Filipe,
The best way to tell your project activating F/MC-189,
is to set an alert:
On the main page of sotawatch3, just clic on the “ALERT” button and set the call,reference, utc time.
And if you use CW, the system will “spot” you automatic.
73 and good activation.
Gerald F6HBI

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Merci Gerald

I sure did not know about this feature, only started this year SOTA. Thanks a lot for the info

Filipe F4VPX. CT1ILT

86 QSOs in 3h, furthest QSO with AC1Z on 20m
New battery tested, worked great. 3h of operation and still 70% of battery left.

Small walk to the top (abt 15 minutes with pictures) but an amazing view over Clermont - Ferrand and of course magnificent colors of the sunset.

Cu next one guys, maybe before the weekend I will try another one.

FT817 5W output with 25.000mAh battery and 40 30 and 20m dipole (with jumpers)
73’s Filipe F4VPX CT1ILT


Fine job Filipe,
As you have put an alert, you have been spotted by the system with help of RNB.

Question: What is this “Lionite” batteries pack?
The keyer is a bit heavy for climbing… but you are joung and healthy, so must not be a problem! hi…
73 and good luck for the next activations.
Gerald F6HBI

Gérald @F6HBI ça a l’air pas mal mais un peu cher ! Poids 700g

73 Éric


Yes the key is very heavy! The last time to mount the puy de st romain by the bad side it was a struggle, but I also took my CANON 600D and a tripod for the beautiful timelapse from there heheh

I have ordered this one from venus-itech: https://www.venus-itech.com/product/3d-print-cw-paddle/

yes exactly what Éric sent you.

73’s Filipe


Hello again,
About the weight, the bencher + camera + tripod + Lionite bank (700gr) + FT817.
You have not choosen the easy way.
Thanks for the links (keyer and power bank).
73 from Gerald.

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No, I had a little 8000mAh battery, the Litionite battery I got it yesterday from amz.

It was bencher + radio + tripod + camera + 7m mast + antenna + 10m coax + 3L of water and snacks :slight_smile:

Luckily I too the 3L of water! it really was needed!