F/VO-040 not F/VO-020

Dear SOTA-Friends
Yesterday I announced a wrong Ref.-Number in the reflector, when I was on 30M!
I was on F/VO-040 not F/VO-20! Sorry!
In this forest there was a hunting going on … but a real one, not a dx hunting.
The shooting and the dogs made me nervous! It is now the fourth time that this happened to me in my SOTA-carrier. My only goal was to leave this summit as fast as possible. I will go back to the F/VO-region next year. There are still a lot of summits to work for me! But in the wintertime it is difficult. You never know which streets you can use.
Tks for all our SOTA-QSO’s in 2013! Merry xmas es hny
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg