Sorry if I’m not working SOTA but weather is very bad over mountains for a while and I’m waiting little sunshine.
Best 73

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Sorry André, since many days, we have sunshine in the north, and you are under the rain in the south. (le monde à l’envers, pour une fois ! Hi !).
But propag. was not in unison ! :-(((
André F5AKL

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Bonjour Andre,

This spring has been bad for Sunday activators here in F/AB. Forecasts gave high avalanche risk 4/5 for the Easter weekend. Now we have thunderstorms and rainy afternoons. The easy ones of the 6 - 10 pointers have already been activated. Those that have not yet been activated need at least 3 hours of climbing. But the weather must get better sooner or later. The higher summits can still be reached by ski. For example F/AB-126 Mont Buet 3096 m, but that needs 1770 m of climbing (was there already in April but no SOTA).

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL