F/PE-133 Pic du Gar

Quick activation this morning on a local summit : Pic du Gar.

I was out to test out the gear since I added, as suggested on this forum, a link to turn my 10 m long EFHW (sloper) into a 20 m long EFHW (Inv V).

The plan was to add the 40m band to my arsenal, but still being able to set up the antenna on very narrow summits when needed. I tried a coil on my original sloper, but I was not convinced. Then I went for a linked antenna and I’m very pleased. I can simply remove one side of the V to turn it into tiny sloper and work on 20m band and above.

Anyway, it was a great morning in the mountains. I saw many isards and birds on the cliffs.

Thanks to the chasers.