F/PE-111 - Trouble copying chaser - F/HB9 ??? 0946Z ??

Hello All, I have been in the Pyrenees in the last 10 days activating peaks between touring the stunning countries of Spain and France. Yesterday, May 11, I climbed F/PE-111 and opereated on 7 MHZ and 14 MHZ. I was using OUTDLOG on a cell phone. The sun was bright, the screen was hard to read, and my fingers were missing the key board some. I worked a station and struggled to get the call sign correct. It was on 7 MHZ, CW, time about 0946 GMT. The call I logged was F/HB9BIN/P but I am not at all certain that was correct. The Chaser was patient and set his call sign several times, but I kept struggling with my phone. Any help in resolving the call sign would be appreciated. Thanks to all who called in. Great fun after a steep ascent up a few snow chutes. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6mVkYWLdZVhbKK626


Glad you are enjoying Europe. So you log what you think you heard whether that is the correct call or not.

Iā€™d suggest a pencil and paper for logging as it works well in bright sun.
And the right paper works in the rain as well! :wink:


:slight_smile: I often use pencil and paper, and wish I had the pencil with me at the summit. Failed to get that in the pack. Great weather here this week.


You was correct. I heard your difficult qso with Juerg because I was attempting to contact you, but your signal was very very weak. Hope to contact you in best conditions.
73 Claudio