F/PE-014 Pic Carlit activation

The weather on Sunday July 22 is fresh about 7 C at the 2000 m altitude of barrage de la Bolloseta. The car trafic to here has special regulations: parking is not allowed along the narrow road and the shuttle buses need to be followed. The path is well marked. There are many small lakes on the way and also some fishers. The way is easy to follow up to 2700 m altitude. To access the top some difficult walking on rocks is needed - one of those places that become dangerous in bad weather conditions. There are quite a few hikers climbing up to the Puig Carlit 2921 m - many of them are catalanes.

The summit is reached around 11:00 local time. First CQ on 10.116 kHz at 09:30 UTC, but the band is silent. I try to work a contest station on 7031 kHz, but no result. Finally I get a QSO with HA5HG on 18081 kHz 0957 UTC. Then IK4WLU also on 17 m. Back on 7032 kHz where F8BBL replies followed by HB9AGH, DL7VKD, DJ5AV, F4DZY, F6BWJ, HB9BHW, HB9AAQ, HB9AFI, ON7ZM and HB9DOT. The activation has taken already one hour and 17 minutes from the first CQ. I am feeling tired due to the early wake up, altitude, physical effort and unusual environmet so QRT at 10:48 UTC. Descent is also quite long. I spend three hours for climbing.

APRS: F5VGL-7 Location

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W cw, T1 ATU, 3 x 12 m low loop

Map: IGN 2249 ET

Photos: http://sral.fi/oh7bf/PicCarlit/