F/MC-184 Friday 13 May SSB, CW and Data

My gentle trip activating a fewer of the lower summits in France will continue with a planned activation of F/MC-184, Signal de Beausoleil, on Friday 13 May at around 1100 UTC. The timing is likely to be revised but it will be some time around then.

As on my previous activations I will open on 40m SSB and then try higher bands if conditions are suitable using SSB and Slow Morse CW. I may also try FT4 and FT8 data if time permits. :slight_smile:

It is a drive-on summit so there should be no chance of breaking a leg on the ascent, this being Friday the 13th, but the road is narrow so our 3.5t camper might get stuck!

We are a little south of there at the moment near Cahors and it was 33°C here today so the activation may be short if I can’t find shade!

Replies from chasers will be very welcome and will allow me to seek the cool of the camper A/C the sooner. :slight_smile:

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Hi John,

You can find all the shade you want


and the room for your camper

73, Éric


Éric, thank you and if you can turn the temperature down as well that would be welcome. :slight_smile:

Are these temperatures normal for May?

Non John this week is hot :sweat_smile:

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