F/JU-007 today

Too much computer work for my back and I needed some exercise today. In addition the weather was fine and moon and jupiter were giving light. The summit way point in my GPS was about 400 m off, so I had to find the correct place with the help of map in the darkness. The problem with this sudden activation plan was that VX-7R battery was flat, so could not give any APRS packets this time. I put up 2 m dipole and started to call CQ on 144048 kHz at 1750 UTC. No luck. ON0VHF beacon at JO20hp was very loud and OMs were discussing about the exceptional QSOs today a between 144200 and 144400 kHz. Finally I decided to skip also HF, since putting up the wire antenna in the dark is some work. Previously I did it before the sun set.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

Radio: FT817ND, internal batteries, horizontal dipole 5 m up