F/JU-006 Activation report

Hi friends

Last sunday, the WX forecast was not good in the East of France.
F0CRM Christian, F0FGB Romain and F0FNC Laurent had about 150 km to drive to JU-006, “Le Grand Colombier”.

Walking up to the foggy summit, they found a lot of snow !
They activated in such bad conditions, always with their well-known “ham spirit” i.e. with few friendly words…
They made 39 QSO FM and SSB with a FT817 2.5W and an IC 706 10W.

Please, have a look at their photos, I can assure you they were not in Antartica.

Congratulations boys !

73 all
Alain F6ENO

PS: they didn’t win any winter bonus point.

In reply to F6ENO:

Fantastic photos Alain - they certainly show true ‘ham spirit’

73 Glyn

In reply to GM4CFS:

Yes Glyn, they are young men, but great Amateur Radio Operators !


In reply to F6ENO:

Very good job made by this young OM, new-comers in SOTA.
Well done !
They have began auspiciously in FM and SSB.
How to do CW with big mittens ? :-)))

73, Andy F5AKL