F/JU-002 Le Reculet night activation

I have been saving these closeby Jura summits to some special events. The weather on Tuesday October 7 2008 was nice with some clouds at 17:30 when I started to climb up. I was hurrying up since the usual short cut would still be ok in sun light. For the descend I planned to use the safer road. Finally I arrived on the windy summit at 19:00. A few words with the other hiker that had arrived on the summit ten minutes before me. Then I find a place to put up the antenna from the north side. This gives me also cover from the wind blowing from south. The darkness is not really that dark. There is a half moon shining, I can see bright Venus and the city lights of Geneva.

I receive soon reply from G4ELZ on 10118 kHz at 1737 UTC. Thanks to G0TDM for spotting. Some DX activity starts soon on the same frequency, so I decide to move on 7032 kHz. Thanks again to DL1FU for spotting on the 40 m band. The band is noisy - is this man made? Or related to the evening propagation conditions? The Croatian stations are strong as usual but some others probably QRP are more difficult to copy. Finally no other takers on 40 m and I announce QSY to 80 m. CQ about ten minutes on the alert frequency, but nobody there. Then I try to reply to other stations calling CQ or finishing QSO, but in vain. So finally I decide to skip the psk31 on 80 m.

Disassembly of the station goes almost as usual though I am more careful not to drop anything. The wide route back to the car is easy to follow with head lamp, just need to mind the steps. Descend takes also about one and half hours.

Photos: only one - did not do night photography

Map: IGN 3328OT

Radio: ATS3B 3 W, 8 x AA alcaline battery, T1 ATU, 12 x 3 m loop

APRS: http://aprs.fi/?call=F5VGL-7

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to F5VGL:
Fine Jaakko,

I suppose it was great with the moonlight.

I followed you on APRS when you started, but it seems that 2m did’nt work well during one hour; then I had to leave home, sri !

Soon on another summit ?

73 Alain