F/G4OBK Tour de France now finished

Just a brief message - my Tour de France 2019 is now finished, tonight we stay near Calais for the early morning Le Shuttle Train back to Folkestone tomorrow.

Thank you to all the Chasers and Activators who I worked over the last two weeks. I had a couple of rest days. I was very grateful for the Chasers who were up and able to work me on the early morning activations before I had my breakfast back at the hotel. You know who you are! I was scratching for contacts on all activations around 0500z, but qualified them all thankfully. 32 target summits were activated and all were Complete - summits which I had previously chased from home.

Unfortunately I ran out of time today to activate FL/NO-141 near Boulogne. This was added to my list after I chased Christophe F/ON6ZQ from an FL/VO summit for S2S last week

QSOs made: 568
SOTA Completes: 32
S2S Contacts: 44

I set my target at 1000 SOTA Completes. I think it is now realistic to think that I could do it sometime in 2020 as I have now passed the 850 mark.

73 Phil F/G4OBK/P


Cheers Phil.

Cheers Phil
Thanks for the points
John M6BLV

Well done Phil, thanks for the points!!
See you,
Sake, PA0SKP

Tnx S2S Phil :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Jarek SP9MA

Thanks for all QSO
73 QRO

Hi Phil,
Thanks for all the SOTA’s, I know I didn’t work you on them all like I normally do but most of the one’s I did work you on were new for me, thanks again.

73 Terry G0VWP

Cheers Phil,think I worked you on a good few.Conditions not always favourable.
73 Don.

Hi Phil
Best 73
André f5ukl

Love the shirt Phil. FB effort on all the QSO’s.

73 Chris M0RSF

PS: Currently MW0RSF as just arrived in Holyhead today.

Great vacations,
Congratulations Phil!

Roberto iw2obx

Hallo Phil

Then im happy for you. that you had a great and successful time.:+1:

I heard you many time at my home rig. But you were rather weak… and i didn’t came through with my qrp. Even when I was at FL/VO-086… too bad.

Maybe i complete the vogese mountains during my holyday in Cornwall in August :smile:

73 Armin