F/g4afi/p - f/am-826

Hello Andrew.
Are you QRV on VHF FM ?
If ok … Which QRG ?
73 Roger

Hi Roger,
Sorry only just spotted this post. No I am not carrying any VHF FM kit. I flew to Marseille and only packed my QRP CW YouKits HB1A. Staying in Draguignan.

73 Andrew G4AFI


We worked on F/AM-574-575-563 with Gérald F6HBI/P.
How long you stay iin France ?
May be we can find a date, walking a summit …
73 QRO

Sadly we return to the UK this Saturday. But my wife and I love this region of France, we will certainly be back! Perhaps when the WX is cooler, it is hard climbing summits when it 35C.

We fly out of Marseille Saturday evening. If you are nearby Saturday maybe we could meet up?

73 Andrew

unfortunatly, this saturday i will work, then not nearby.
but next time you come here, let me know before.
i will be able to find freedoom for sota together.
73 QRO

Ah OK, no problem!

73 Andrew