Hello  ,11/07/2015 next Saturday I will be referring to air F / PE-012 a summit de3091 meters ten points for the jack, just go out on 145 535 fm, I will not only

and my friends are not amateur ok, perhaps in return for hf summit or near this and there are many references Here, Greetings


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sorry is reference F/PO-012 Pic Neuville

seed you later

Hi Daniel, I do not know what conditions have you thought to use there.
As you know before operating from those peaks with an handheld the field is limited.
So if the weather is safe, I recommend you carry with you a good & light aerial.
Your calls will be traveling farthest and probably answered by more people…
Don´t worry I hope to hear you close, Good luck !!!
73s de Inaki

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Iñaki Hi, thanks for your reply and tips of mind, is not whether we will leave from the lake where is the refuge Orédon spent the night, leave early
since we have three to four hours, depending on where we go.

I hope to contact you again Iñaki, ahhh congratulations on your award EG2UNA activation, put the long teeth to envy, and there all personnel jack, the facilitated me Alejandro EA1GMP saw pictures and video these strong Iñaki, I just the opposite lol, well soon we hear us a hug