F/DD6DO/P on F/PE-200

We were listening out for you after seeing your spots on SOTAwatch but alas no luck! Better luck for you next time I hope!

73 to you and yours and a happy new year


In reply to G7MLO:
I was also listening and calling after seeing F/DD6DO/P spots, but nil in my QTH, sorry!

73, Milos S57D

Nothing here either, and I listened on all the frequencies spotted.

Sorry, Stephan



…nothing here too. My QTH JO31OE Remscheid.
I wish you more luck at the next summit,

73 de Lutz

Nil here also in North Wales, maybe better luck next time.

Vy 73 and Happy New Year to you.


Also NIL here in HB/SG.

73 es hny de Thomas, HB9SVT

Dear Friends,
Today I activated F/PE-200, a summit in the Pyrenees. The summit is snow covered, above 1000m. It was a windy but sunny day. My YAESU 857 was powered 20 W (HF) with a whip antenna about 1,6m long (ATX 1080). Normally this equipment is a very successful SOTA proof combination - but not today.
Between 12:00 and 13:45 I tried 80m, 40m and 20m. Finally I got 4 calls (Norway, Poland, Slovenia und Greece). Impossible to read other countries (UK, Swiss, Belgium, Germany …).
Next time – more luck. Looking forward to hear you with better conditions.
Thanks a lot for supporting me.

Happy New Year to all of you,

Stephan, DD6DO

In reply to DD6DO:

Such days can happen. Congratulations on getting the 4 QSOs and qualifying the summit Stephan.

Happy New Year & 73

In reply to DD6DO:
Thanks for the qso Stephan. You were truly 56 in the southern part of Norway.
Nice signals from a short whip and 20w! I was running 5w and a W3DZZ antenna.


Mads, LA1TPA