F/CR-334 - 2nd Time 13/02/22

Hi all,

I’m late sorry…

The day before Valentine’s day, XYL Christine said : we’ll move a little even if it’s not too far ! It’s hard to be locked up, my legs are fine !
OK I’ll find a summit not to far !

F/CR-334 was my first activation in 2020, this summit is only 14km from home and it was activated by well-known French people : @OE5JKL Karl, @VK3CAT Tony, @K7IMA Kim & @K7ATN Etienne. :joy:
(1 point and no winter bonus)

La chapelle de Notre Dame des Anges, you are on the summit.
Down the road you have “le Domaine des Anges” where you can buy some nice French Wine :wine_glass:

Always a nice views from 448m, here the F/CR-007

Using this time my vertical JPC-7 antenna.

30m CW 18 QSO 2xS2S - Tks Ivica @9A6CW and Matthew @OE6FEG
I made an effort to work SSB
40m SSB 3 QSO :crazy_face: contest
20m SSB 11 QSO with QRM
F_CR_334 QRM
Always if you can, see the cluster :wink:
20m CW 13 QSO 1xS2S Tks Mikhail @LB8CG

Signals were impressive on the vertical antenna, I think was a bit early or late for DX :joy:

Tks all chaser :+1:

I hope to see all soon.

73 Éric


Well done Éric !!

and tnx fer qso !!

73 de IW0HK Andrea

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Hi Eric,

Congratulations of the activation !!!

I personally know some well-known French people and would like to say that Karl @OE5JKL is very nice man :wink:

Moreover it seems t be I see on the photo Bamatech paddle made in same color as I have :wink:

73, Jarek

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Hi Jarek,

Yes Bamatech S/N 124 :wink:

Here my very first vidéo on YouTube Part I

S2S QSO with Ivica 9A6CW

73, Éric



You are faster than hurricane in your transmission speed :smiley:
I could hear nice pile-up - congratulations :muscle:

73, Jarek


You guess who is @OE5JKL :wink:

73, Jarek


Merci Éric, for reminding us of the nice time on that summit!
Here’s my trip report - N.D. des Anges, FR | May 2019 | pnwsota.org.
73, Etienne-K7ATN et Kim-K7IMA


Here the part II

73, Éric


Nice to see you and finally hear your voice (not SSB) after our 22 QSO’s in the last year (although at least one of those was ft8 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Well done on the activation and getting out with Christine.

73, Fraser


Hi Eric

Tnx S2S, no problem to copy you on 9A/DH-056 G90/10W inv dipole …

73! CU de 9a6cw


Bravo Eric.
Pour l’activité et les talents cachés de l’xyl.
Tu as ta caméraman … Super, il va falloir venir filmer nos sorties.
@ bientôt

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Camérawomen :joy: et d’une main en plus :+1:
Merci Roger à bientôt
73, Eric