F/CR-254 - Cap Canaille

Thanks to all for QSO and S2S.
Today i decided to activate a summit near my home because it’s time to chase S2S

I did 7 QSO around Europa but i failed HB9BAB/P - G4ISJ/P - M/CT1DRB/P and others ones.
I S2S my brother HB9/F5HTR/P in HB/AG-003

It’s not easy to S2S because too many chasers call together and i QRP station must wait … then to S2S, i wait a clear QRG to call. Then i spent more time to take pictures and film.

Hello Roger,

Merci pour le QSO d’aujourd’hui qui de mon coté était très difficile à réaliser en raison d 'un gros qrm sur cette fréquence.
Au plaisir de te retrouver sur l’air

73 de Laurent F8CZI

PS: Je soupçonnais à peine Bob sur 20m mais c’était trop faible pour faire le QSO!

Thanks Roger for this new one…
Good S2S run !!!
Can’t made QSO with Bob yesterday… Tir à l’arc Hiii !!!
A la prochaine…

Bonjour Laurent
Merci pour ce premier QSO, me semble-t-il ?
J’espère … Pas la dernier.
À bientôt

Et oui TOF !
C’était une sortie spéciale s2s mais pas de condx favorable
En ce moment ton signal est toujours très fort.
73 Roger

Ok Roger… But Here lot of QRM !!! Very bad condition… So I should have better’s one one day hiii !!! Miss Bob today again !!! I Call him but not so strong at all hiii !!! So should wait next time for COMPLETE this Summit :smiley:
Have a good day… Here the sun try to cross the cloud… Maybe one day the sun 'll shine again in Normandy :sunny:

I will prepare the movie :wink:
73 QRO

Bonjour Roger.
It was good to work you from the summit on Saturday. I was on Mont Brune F/AM-472 and you were my only S2S contact. It was a very short activation for me of only 14 mins and only on 20m. I was working SSB and saw your spot so switched to your freq and was able to work you. I did not expect it because of the short distance so well done!

73, Gerard - VK2IO

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Hello Gérard,
I live in Nice, and i have seen you have been on Mont Vial and Mont Brune.
I just wonder why on you way between Vial and Brune you didn’t stop on Cime des Colettes.
By the way we had a qso on third of september while i was on F/AM-219 (you were /P with a strong signal).
What was your Qth? Summit or Camping? (F/AM-219 is near ESTENC).
If you are still there next week, we could go on summit in the Mercantour together.
73 from Gerald

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Hello Gérard
Thanks for nice QSO.
Yes - our summits QTH are not too far for a 20 meters QSO but by the way, nearly we can see each other.
Of you have few pictures, it will be interesting for my next movie.
How long time you spend in France ?
73 QRO

Hi Gérald
If i have enough time to go with you
I try it …
See you next

Hi Gerald,
I only had time for 2 summits as I had to do a pick up at Nice airport. This is why I operated for 14 mins on Mt Brune. I did look into Cime des Colettes but it seemed to require a much longer walk than Mt Brune.
I worked you on 3/9 from here in Juan-les-Pins and not from a summit. Mt Vial was my first summit in France. I will be here next week so perhaps we can do a joint activation. I’m moving to Beaulieu-sur-Mer too. If possible I would like to activate a summit in Italy.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

Hi Gerard,
I am Off work sunday 14th and monday 15th ready for a sota activity together.
i think we can carry on this thread by mail and/or phone.
My mail is:

Hi Roger.
I do have some pictures which I’ll upload to my blog soon. Happy to share them!
Will be in Nice for 2 more weeks so there’s a good chance of fitting in some more activations. It would be fun to do a joint one with you and/or Gerald.

73, Gerard - VK2IO