F/CR-204 - Report

Hello sota Friends
You can watch the video via: F/CR-204 - Chaîne de l'étoile (Pic du Garlaban) - YouTube
I want all to thanks for QSO.
G3NYY/p for S2S.
GW0DSP my FaceBook frienship.
DC7CCC who makes the didge sounds and FaceBook frienship.
I’ll prepare some pictures.
Pse don’t forget to sign my Youtube viseo, it is my reward

73 QRO Roger

Hello SOTA Friends.
After the movie, you can visit my album: http://picasaweb.google.com/F5LKW.SOTA/SOTAFCR204ChaineDeLEtoilePicDuGarlaban?feat=directlink

73 QRO - Roger