F/cr-007 report

Hello SOTA Friends.
You can watch the film via: F/CR-007 - Mont Ventoux - YouTube
Don’t forget ti sign my YouTube page after visiting.
Have a nice fun

Congratulations! I could hardly rear you during the first minutes of your activation but luckily my patience resulted in success; the propagation has changed after 10-15 minutes, so even if you were QRP you were up to real 569 at the end!
I see, Maya doggy got a nice “winter coat” from her careful master in order to prevent getting cold! :slight_smile:
73: Joska

In reply to HA5CW:
Hello Joska.
You are right to be patient because too many OM call at the same time and it makes a big pile up of noise. ;-)) But I like it.
Yes Maya is often with me.
After the movie you can visit my album.
73 qro