F/CR-007 18/07/2021

Hi all,

First, I want to apologize for this very short activation… 11 QSO in 7 minutes !

Yet the day was promising, 21°C an ideal temperature at this altitude (1911m), great sun and no wind at all! :wink:
For those who know Mont Ventoux, they know that it is not like this every day.

The problem was not there … I arrived at the summit stone around 08:45 UTC, I had crossed 1500 bikes :biking_man: , 450 motorcycles :motorcycle: and 800 vehicles :blue_car:, which is to say that the place was full of people.

I find a small place, trying not to bother anyone, but already many onlookers are asking me questions! I fix my mast on a rim and I extend my EFHW in inverted L, I install my FT-817nd at the bottom of the antenna on a concrete cube and I start my traffic on 40m - No luck there was a contest, I immediately go over 20m and the activation begins with very strong signals.

XYL Christine tells me that she is not well at all and asks me to cut it short!
So I stop my activity and I dismantle my equipment by responding to curious tourists :joy:

Here is my little Log, I couldn’t even do a QSO on 2m FM my :cn: Baofeng was deaf near the TV Tower.


A tip for this summit, avoid coming during the summer period and prefer spring or autumn, there are fewer people but the weather will certainly be worse!


73, Éric

Edit : XYL Christine is doing much better now and this is the most important.


Well Done!
I’ve driven past Mt. Ventoux and I also see it most years on TV - the Tour de France (they ascended twice this year).

Regards to Christine.

73, Fraser


I’ve cycled over it* and can agree - the summit is very busy! Avoid weekends would be my advice and go early or late in the day.

Great summit though.

*Took me 4 hours to reach the top not counting the coffee stop at the Chalet Reynard. The record is around one hour. :slight_smile:


It was a lovely day when I was there (October I think) and was full of people. I found it difficult to get clear of other people but I managed an activation. Nice views from the top. It was still busy late afternoon and I had to queue to buy an ice cream and a coffee. I think there was some desense on 20m when I was there a few years back.


Eric mailed me and asked me if I saw them climb it twice this year. It seems hard enough to drive up it never mind cycle up! I was impressed the speed the cyclists were doing on the descent, many kept up with me in a car !

I had a lovely meal there a year or so before my activation. The food was really good and I wasn’t paying. Better still I wasn’t driving so I had a few drinks too. :slight_smile:

It’s a fabulous part of the world, probably why my sister has lived there for 40 years this year! I would recommend everyone visit this part of France to play SOTA. I

With a following wind and some good luck I may get to visit her this Autumn. And if I can get out there, I’ll be arranging to meet up with Eric as he is now one of my most regular chasers.


Bravo Eric !
FORZA SOTA, tu n’as pas pu attendre la fin de saison estivale. :wink:
Maintenant, tu comprends pourquoi mon XYL ne m’accompagne plus, je n’ai pas de limite.
Comme pour le pro, je sais quand je commence et jamais lorsque c’est la fin.
Si le temps est OK, SOTA ce week-end


You can see an empty summit :wink:

73, Éric


Before you go up you have to view this site :


You also can go to summit in winter
You will be alone


Hi Roger, great video and activation. Well done. What breed of dog is it?

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hello Geoff.
I don’t know the word in English. She is a BICHON.
We share our life for 19 years (1995-2014)
she was abandoned when she was a puppy.
73 Roger

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Same in English, full name Bichon Frise.