F/AM trip

Hi friends,
I plane to activate some F/AM summits next week.
AM region is at about 750km of my home. I’ll start on saturday 19th.
I’ll activate first F/JU-091, a small hill on my road.
Then I’ll start more serious summits on Sunday 20th with F/AM-340 and F/AM-330.
I there is not too much snow, I’ll climb AM-208 monday 21th and if not
too tired…AM-158 on tuesday 22th.
Will spotlite.
Wednesday is another day…
All wx depending, and if in good shape… !!
Back home on friday.
Hope to contact many SOTA interested friends to give you 8 and 10 pts french summits.

Best 73 to all.
Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
Hi Alan,

Have fun, but, leave some summits to others !

73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL

I’d say: bon voyage, Alain and tnx in advance for the effort !!!


In reply to F6ENO:

Good luck and let the weather be with you. And remember that one 10 pointer is worth of ten 1 pointers - you need to take your time to do it.

BTW with this weather we might be able to ski again next weekend above 1600 m.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL