F/AM trip F6ENO/P

Dear friends,

I’m now back home. Had to shorten my holidays because of very bad WX.
It was no more possible to climb all expected summits. Too much fog, rain and snow !

I started from home on sunday and could activate F/NO-001, F/MC-096 and F/MC-118 on myroad to Lyon.
Monday, I drived to Puy St Vincent and stopped on F/AB-541 and F/AB-550.
On tuesday,WX was rather correct when I started to climb F/AM-241 “Roche Gauthier”. About 3 hours to reach the first summit. Then, after one hour more, I reached F/AM-249. Much snow on north face, but fortunatly, the 2 summits were clear, but very foggy. 9,5 km to go to “Pic de l’Eychauda” (and 9,5 km more to go down… hi !)
Wednesday, I was on easier summits, F/AM-739 and F/AM-736. I planed also F/AM-740, but it was not possible to reach the foggy, rainy and rocky summit.
And this morning, WX was always rainy, and my home was in clouds ! so I decided it was enough and went back home…
It was a real pleasure to contact you, friends, and I’am very happy for this exceptional S2S with Lutz DJ3AX on DM/TH-241 when I was on F/AM-241 …! same day, same hour, same number…!
It was not easy to call Lutz in the pile up so I apologize for QRM I made when I was sending many times /P…/P…/P

Many thanks to all and to F6DYA/P, DL/LX1NO/P, DL8DXL/P, DJ3AX/P (2 QSO), for S2S QSOs

The 333 QSOs are now in database.

Best 73 to all

Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
Many thanks Alain for all these new SOTAs, and sorry about poor WX holidays, but I think it’s the same all over France at the moment (here one day is 26°C big sun, the next day is 16°C with clouds, wind and little rain); difficult in these conditions to plan a SOTA trip… wait and see…
[merci pour le commentaire sur YouTube ! ;-)]
Chris F8DZY.

In reply to F6ENO:
Hello Alain
Thanks a lot for every qso. Here, I’m in starting block and wait for only 2 sunny days because mountains are always overcast. Best 73 and I hope we’ll meet again soon.
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to F6ENO:
bonjour Alain
Je n’ai pas pu suivre beaucoup tes activités pour cause de travail, merci en tout cas pour toutes ces activités