F/am sota tour

Hello Friends.
Tomorrow is the first day for F/AM TRIP.
F6HBI/P F5LKW/P & Max will be active on the following summits:

Day 1:
F/AM-348 & F/AM/802
Day 2:
F/AM-398 & F/AM-363
Day 3:
F/AM-384 & F/AM368
Day 4:
F/AM-369 & F/AM-354

We will try to be active all band + FT8 (my new play)
Don’t worry, my heart is still for CW.

73 QRO
F5LKW - Roger


I hope i wont get the virus too…
Gerald F6HBI

Good luck guys, enjoy the trip!

Bonne chance à vous trois, ici pro jusqu’à dimanche ! sota fever !

As a multi-mode SOTAer Completer I will be standing by for a few more FT8 Chaser QSOs with you tomorrow Roger. On recent condx 20m should work for us in the middle part of the day at least. With 3 op’s on summit should be fun!

73 Phil

PS I am the top All G Chaser on Data and 6th in the world with 185 points. OM7OM takes his data operation seriously - he is top and has an incredible 2045 points!

PPS However when you look at OM7OM logs it is clear that the DATA QSOs in many cases have entered in error and are not DATA QSOs at all.

Also I just looked at “Other” mode filtered World Chaser Table - some well known callsigns there with 100s of points recorded as “Other” mode. Come on guys, check the integrity of your logs and make the database a little more accurate! (Off Topic)

73 Phil


Hi Phil,

If you are basing your stats on the reports on the “database” website, you may or may not know that those reports are sometimes misleading. If you have 10 activations, on which you made just one Data contact each, you will be shown as earning all the points for those summits on Data mode. The real meaning of the mode-selective (and band-selective) reports is: give me the scores I earned on all activations where I made at least one contact with that mode (or band) etc.

This has trapped a few people looking at their mode specific score and basing a MG award on the report. My CW score for example appears to be several hundred more than it actually is, due to the number of summits I activated on ssb but did not make enough contacts on cw to “qualify” on that mode alone.

The same reports also do not handle well the situation where you make a return visit to a summit to qualify it for a specific mode. If you have already been given the points for that summit in the current year, no points are given to the re-activation.

Another quirk of SOTA!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Morning Andrew

Noted the quirk you mention in regard to activators mode stats in the database, however I was specifically looking at Chaser DATA scores and noticed that the operator mentioned has recorded chaser contacts with many activators as DATA contacts when those specific operators (by cross checking their logs) have never transmitted DATA mode on their activations. These contacts are years old and the operator concerned has not submitted a chaser entry since 2013.

73 Phil

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Hi Phil,
sorry, I missed that twist when I read your earlier post. that puts a different complexion on the matter…
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

There are plenty of QSOs logged as 24GHz when then were 24MHz. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,
A short note on your off-topic note re wrong database data. Evidently OM7OM made a mistake uploading his QSOs and it is a shame that now he stands at Nr.1 in DATA mode. I found my call in his log many times although I never operated DATA from any summit.
I feel something should be done to have the mistakes corrected. As he seems to be out of the SOTA game for years and very unlikely reads the reflector I have dropped him an e-mail with a polite request to correct or delete his log.
73 Petr OK1CZ

And sorry about the off-topic. Good luck to Roger and Gerald on their F/AM tour.
It was nice to work you today!

73 Petr

Fair comment Petr - good move sending OM7OM a friendly message about his log.

We are coming back to Czech in September (OK8CDX and Victor OK8VM) as having the got the callsigns we may as well use them.

I hope all is well with you - I remember our accidental joint activation on Pfander in 2014 and the meal we enjoyed afterwards at that great restaurant on the side of the mountain that Herbert OE9HRV took us to so vividly. Apologies to Nick G4OOE for not being in the picture because he took it.

73 Phil OK8CDX

Thanks for the picture that brings back nice memories of that trip. (BTW wonder why Pfander no longer a SOTA summit…) All OK here, my activity not so high these days though.

Got a reply from OM7OM, he confirms that a lot of his QSOs were uploaded wrongly as DATA. He would like to delete those or better delete his entire log as he is no longer interested in SOTA. This is a question to Andy whether a user can delete his whole log without going through the time consuming process of deletion each QSO…

Good luck with your trip to OK in September under your new OK calls. What area are you coming to?
73 Petr

No you cannot easily delete your logs. You can delete them yourself but it is long winded and involved. This is a design decision.

Yes, you can get your logs deleted for less effort but we ensure you have to contact the MT so that I can be sure you really want them deleting and wont want them reinstating shortly after. One thing I wont be doing is deleting them and restoring them when someone has a change of mind and a further change of mind.

Some people want their logs or accounting deleting because they have different interests to SOTA now and they don’t want their logs and account to waste space. This is a nice gesture but even the most active chasers or activator logs is negligible compared to all the logs. There’s no need for us to do this, we’re happy to have dormant accounts as there is always a possibility these users may return some day in the future.

Andy, understood. However, in the case of OM7OM it does not involve just his score and/or possible future change of mind. His log had been uploaded under wrong mode and this results in him being shown as the world Nr. 1 in DATA mode which is false.
I will pass the info on to OM7OM so that he can e-mail MT directly and confirm that he does want to have his log deleted. Pls advise the e-mail he should use.

first Day F/AM 348
Max and Gerald F6HBI/P very busy
73 alain/f8feo