F/AM-697 : Many thanks to Mike G6TUH!

This activation did not start well… After about 1h toiling in horrid conditions on 40m, all I had for show was 1 QSO… The gentleman on the other side of the QSO could not believe he could hear me with 5w given the band conditions and he had a good laugh (in a friendly way) about it. After struggling to get anybody to hear me on 40m including on the QRP QRG I decided it was time to move onto 20m. 14.285 seemed to be free so I decided to give it a go. I called and called but nothing… I was starting to think I was going to go back down without enough QSOs to validate this new activation. I was a little bit bummed to say the least. I kept on persisting and then a well known friendly voice out of the deadness of the band: “QRZ?” I knew it was Mike, G6TUH, right away, I had recognized his voice. His signal was so strong too! That single “QRZ” really gave me hope all of a sudden. He could not make my call sign out of the noise and asked me to persist until he could pull me out of the noise. I very happily obliged until he finally got my full call. When he got my call correctly and realized it was me we were both elated. I am not sure which one of us was more happy about that but we were both elated.

After getting the QSO with Mike/G6TUH done he spotted me. That was a godsend as I did not have any 3G nor an i-thingy and could not self-spot. The callers started rolling. All of a sudden 20m was hot!!! yesss! Many many strong signals too, I was really surprised. My signal was a bit tough given the QSB and the noise but we kept at it with all the chaser and it paid off.

I even QSY’ed on 15m and managed a few QSOs there as well! When it was all done and said, I had 25 QSOs on 3 bands in the log despite the terrible conditions. Nothing short of a miracle and none of it would have been possible without Mike’s perseverance. You sir are a true gentleman!!! I can never thank you enough for everything you did today! So my hat off to you. Too bad we could not get a QSO on 15m as well.

Manuel, EA2DT ended-up being the only dual-bander in my log for F/AM-697.

Also apologies to G3VXJ who had a super strong and clean signal. I was about to give him a report but a gust of wind flattened my antenna and I faded into nothingness for a few minutes while I was re-setting my gear.

Many thanks to all the chasers who persevered through QSB and noise to pull my signal out. I could have gone back down the summit after 4 QSOs but it is always a pleasure to keep going and give points to as many chasers as possible. I always make it a point to keep going until the band goes quiet.

So that was it for a tough activation but a very rewarding one in the end thanks to quality OMs along the way.



Good morning Arnaud,

Thanks for the report and comments. The story this side was that I quickly discovered that 40M was likely to be impossible, to hear you, as the band was nearly flat with a noise floor of S8 here. I then printed out from my log the frequencies that you had used in the past on activations and then hopped around them. I also put your call into the spot search function of the dx-cluster in case a non SOTA person spotted you there.

You are absolutely right I was elated indeed to find you and make the contact in what were dreadful band conditions.

I know you do and thank you for that and the summit. Well done and hopefully next time the bands will be in better shape!

Very best wishes

Thanks Mike.

I made a quick video of what the summit looked like when I was talking to you before QSY to 15m. It shows how good your signal is (as usual) and how challenging the conditions were (we had to repeat many times).

QSO with Mike from F/AM-697