F/AM-349 - F/AM-365 - Did it but ... Empty Battery

Hello SOTA friends.

Thanks to all for QSO and I want you to make my apologies because I had to QRT. I believed my battery was on full charge but … Niet !
On the second summit I used 500mW for QSO.
Have a good watch - 73 QRO Roger


Thanks Roger for the video :grinning:; pity about you battery :disappointed:

Cheers Geoff vk3sq :beers:

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So big frustration for chasers and me

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Thanks for the double S2S!!!


Salut Roger,

Super la vidéo et merci pour le S2S

A bientôt



The path along the cliff edge :see_no_evil:

Thanks for sharing!


Hello Fabio.
Nice to have the both s2s.
On the first summit, I did 49 QSO before the battery alarm rang.
Bad luck, I forgot to charge it. No problem I decided to go to the second summit and try with 500 mWatts.
I did 9 QSO and valid my activation.
I did also VHF 1 QSO with a QRB 118 Kms, That’s a real pity here, VHF / UHF isn’t so popular as north Europe.

Alain, je voulais te QSO sur le sommet suivant mais pas de chance.
Pour la prochaine fois !
Fraser, Yes this is a real good place, I like it to much.
Albert, In my video I recorded our s2s QSO, just before my battery switch off.
Thanks for nice pleasure.
Guru, Wonderful to listen you. I know we don’t know each other but only via radio and chat but you are like my “grand frère”. See you next … I really wish to prepare any activities in EA2/NV area …

Thanks again to all, next activity from F/AM-349 & F/AM-365 in 2023
73 QRO



Pas de problème, j’active deux sommets demain et certainement deux à trois par semaine si la météo est correcte pour les mois à venir.
La Navarre est mon terrain de jeux; les sommets se trouvent sur la frontière et sont tous à moins de 60 kms du QRA.


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Excellent !
Demain je suis au QRL :slight_smile:
Bonne balade
73 de Roger

Hello Roger @F5LKW

hny and thanks for the video report. An interesting area you were qrv in. And it has happened to me with the battery too :upside_down_face: Activation failure stories - #9 by DM3FAM. Since then I pay more attention to my batteries. All the best and see you soon in a qso :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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