F/AM-280 report activity

Hello folks,
Today i activated (quickly) F/AM-280 at 2526m asl.
As i was with a friend (not ham-radio) we had the deal that i will not stay more than 1 hour on summit.
So i have to appologise beeing rud (no hello, no name, no bye bye) like in contest.
I managed 79 qso in a very short time, and gave to lucky chasser the 10points.
Bye the way my friend Jerome F4IVI, will go on this F/AM-280 tomorrow, saterday the 5th.
Here are some photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/x5BUJrYA7DPymMts8
Gerald F6HBI


Gerald, looks like a nice day on the summit! My best friend has accompanied me on several summits also but his patience wears out after about 30 minutes.

Unfortunately I’ve been either rushed or now go solo.

Not everyone shares the enthusiasm of this awesome SOTA hobby!

My oldest daughter will be a ham soon and is interested in SOTA so I am hoping for a new hiking-activation partner!



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You are a lucky man Erik
By the way, 30 minuts only!!! this is not a fair friend…
73 from Gerald


I listened at the end when you were on 40m and had lots of callers. Well done, an impressive summit.

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