F/AM-225 by F6HBI 30/06/22

Hello my Sota friends,
Back from Friedrichschafen, a little bit tired by all the walk between A1 and A4 forum, the 3 nights in the camping( hi hi), the glass of beer and lot of stuff i have eaten, i decided to climb a rare activated 10 pointer in my area on the Italian and French border!!!
I was a bit greddy; i have never been so tired, that when on summit activating cw, my brain was missing oxygen, and i could not even remember your names. Al least i could remember the morse code!
The F/AM-225 is hard to climb and as been on the air 3 times only, i have tried SSB on 40m but i did not have one contact, only 2 qso on 60m. The 20m was fine enought. I heard KD1CT on 30m calling me, i wonder how it is possible as nobody else (except LZ3SM) heard my sigs.
I was using my FT-817 and an end fed antenna 19m long. I made only 35 QSO for the weather was getting bad and i had to get down quickly.
Those with gmail account can visit La Cime des Naucettes there:

Thanks chasers and SWL from Gerald F6HBI