F/AB-409 Pointe de la Croix 1815 m

The weather was nice and sunny with a few clouds in afternoon. The Pointe de la Croix from les Onchets 1017 m is an easy (facile) touring ski outing. The avalanche risk given by Meteo France for Saturday was exceptionally low 1/5. I had new batteries for the ATS3B. Arrival to the summit 10:20 local time. After photo and sending last APRS packets (temperature -3 C) it took me 20 minutes to setup the antenna and radios. Finally CQ 1000 UTC on 30 m. The planned activation frequency 10119 kHz is busy with an other expedition and I do not stay there long. QSY to 7032 kHz. Soon replay from 9A7W. Thanks to G4SSH for spotting. The CW plug on ATS3B becomes loose easily and I need to push it back several times. I have to give reports like 229 to some very weak stations, though most of the stations are normal to my ear. Finally QSY to 10116 kHz, which sounds free. Only one QSO there with QRP station SM6AWZ. Then UU9JAN on 14058 kHz. He is also using 2 W power. Next 10141.0 kHz in PSK31 mode. The exact frequency is occupied, so I need to move ±300 Hz. Two rough QSOs there. The second one to Vologda Russia - quite far away from the French Alps.

Radio: ATS3B 4.5W(20m+30m), 3.6W(40m), T1 ATU, loop 5x10 m

Map: IGN 3528 ET

APRS: http://aprs.fi/?call=F5VGL-7

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr