F/AB-356 Pointe de Nyon activation

Sunday October 14 2007. Busy weekend. First organization of night orienteering on Friday evening and then participation to Geneve nage 24h (me only 2 h). Pointe de Nyon 2015 m is one of the easy 8 pointers. Park car at les Raverettes/la Combe 1426 m. The downhill ski resort has narrow road on it up to the end of the ski lift. There is a group of hunters coming down. I do hear one or two shots at distance. No wonder that not every body likes the hunters here in mountains. One elder jogger, must be around 70 years, passes me before I reach the summit. At 0926 UTC try 30 m but the frequencies are busy. 80 m and 20 m are not promising. DL6UNF replies on 7031 kHz at 0937 UTC and tries to find a free frequency for me. He is followed by DL7RAG. Thanks to Heinz again for spotting. The other countries this time F, G, HB9 and OK. Many of the reports are low and some chasers have problems to copy me. But then for SOTA QSOs only RS(T) send and received is required. My Palm Paddle is changing the speed for some reason - maybe there is humidity inside. Try again 80 m, 30 m and 20 m but no QSOs there. I put up dipole for 144050 kHz, but only noise there. QRT 1100 UTC.

Photos: http://sral.fi/oh7bf/Nyon14Oct07/

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W, T1 ATU, 3 x 12 m random loop

APRS: F5VGL-7 Location

Map: IGN 3530ET/3528ET