F/AB-323 Pointe de Nantaux activation

Arrival to Essert la Pierre 1000 m a little before 7:00. The route is marked and easy to follow along the mountain ridge once you come out of the forest. Arrival to the Pointe de Nantaux 2170 m at 9:20. Photos and setup take time as usual. 0758 UTC reply from OE6PIG on 30 m and then s2s with S57XX/P. Also HA7UL/P is operating close to same frequency. Thanks to HA7UG and DL6KVA for spotting. The pile up on 40 m is too much for this small QRP transceiver and the operator. At 0855 UTC move to 14058 kHz, then 18088 kHz. The 17 m band is open, but no reply to SOTA calls there. Back to 30 m 0919 UTC and finally to PSK31 mode at 0934 UTC. Two more short QSOs in digi mode and QRT at 1002 UTC. The weather was warm up on the mountain and was hot about +30 C back at car.

Map: IGN 3528ET

Radio: ATS3B, T1 ATU, 8xAA alkaline, 10 x 4 m loop

APRS: no packets igated

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr