F/ab-297 Mont Vorassay who stole the bridge?

I was intending to do Mont Vorassay today, but I discovered that the bridge across the river coming from the glacier had been dismantled. The river was thundering along, so no chance to cross and the end of the glacier was very unstable. So I had a nice time exploring the glacier but no SOTA today. Will try via Pont des Places when I have another free day.

Nigel F/G6SFP/P

p.s. 30c today.

In reply to G6SFP:

Hi Nigel,

I found the warning panel of removed bridge last summer, but I continued the route and finally the bridge was there. Maybe they remove it for the winter and put it back for the summer. Now with this hot weather the remaining snow is disappearing fast and at Pyrenees there is a warning of floods. Two weeks ago some places at altitude were still accessible with ski, but now these places can be wet. The weather will change soon and the 0 C altitude comes down again.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to F5VGL:

Hi Jaakko,

The sides of the bridge were still there, but you would have to be pretty desperate to attempt crossing it. We had stormy weather today, but it looks ok for the rest of the week, so might try again in a couple of days.

Some photos of the bridge/glacier here:

Nigel. f/g6sfp/p.