F/AB-294 Pointe de Merdassier activation

September 9 2007. Start from home 5:30 and arrival to l’Etale 1500 m around 7:30. The summit at 2313 m is reached in about 2 hours. The climbing is relatively easy. 0831 UTC CQ on 10116 kHz, 3561 kHz and 7031 kHz. Klaus DF2GN has big pile up on 7032 kHz. I send my call sign there a few times hoping that somebody hears. Then move to 7031 kHz. 0845 UTC DL1FU replies and spots me. Then HB9AAQ, DL2DXA, HB9DOT, LX1NO, F5RRS and GM4FAM. Try 10116 and 3561 kHz. 0908 UTC G4OBK replies on 10116 kHz and promises to spot me. Then F5CQ, F5RRS, DL6KVA, DL3JPN and G4SSH. I try to listen the Worked all Europe DX SSB contest on 17 m, but does not sound like it is possible to make QSO with my equipment there. Disassemble HF antenna and setup dipole for 2 m. CQ while eating lunch with my memory key. To my surprise there are stations on 144050 kHz. Unfortunately they are working EME contest, so no QSO on 2 m (I thought that EME is a little lower on frequency below 144030 kHz, but never mind). Thanks to all the chasers and to DL1FU and G4OBK for spotting me.

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W cw, T1 ATU, loop 2 x 12 m

Photos: http://sral.fi/oh7bf/Merdassier/

Map: IGN 3531OT

APRS: F5VGL-7 Location