F/AB-289 Pointe de Vorlaz activation

Sunday September 23 2007. Leave home 5:30. Park car to the Avoriaz ski station at 1800 m. The weather is cloudy with a few drops of rain. The way is easy to follow though the path disappears in les Drobounes. Arrival to the summit Pointe de Vorlaz 2346 m around 10:15. As usual I try first 10116 kHz. OE5EEP/5 has pile up on 7032 kHz. DL7RAG replies on 7031 kHz at 0851 UTC. Thanks to Heinz for spotting. All the chasers from DL, F, OK, GM, G, HA, PA and S5 are working on 40 m. Finally move to 30 m 0929 UTC. LA4IR gives report 519. Then I decide to try the Scandinavian Activity Contest on 20 m. All the stations sound like QRO. Quick exchange with SK7OA on USB. OH operators are busy with other QRO stations. I submit later a check log for this contest. QRT 10:00 UTC.

Map: IGN 3528 ET

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W (5 W SSB), loop 3 x 12 m, T1 ATU

Photos: http://sral.fi/oh7bf/Vorlaz23Sep07/

In reply to F5VGL:

Congrats Jaakko, nice photos, nice mountain,
but Avoriaz remains a dreary town…

73 Alain F6ENO