F/AB-257 Mont Joly activation

Sunday July 29 2007 the valley of Contamines-Montjoie is inside a cloud and the Mont Blanc can not be seen from here today. Mont Joly is in the popular Megeve ski station resort and I have been doing downhill ski here several times. I park the car to Le Planay 1500 m. On the way the village of Hermance 1827 m and Pavillon du Mont Joly 2002 m. The ascent is relatively easy. 0819 UTC I find F5TIL activating F/AB-327 from 10116 kHz. Then Damien F5RRS on F/AB-391. Try 40 m but sound full. CQ on 80 m but nobody there. Now 10116 kHz is free. DL4FCK replies followed by G4SSH (thanks again Roy for spotting). Then DL7RAG, F8BBL is strong, DL1FU, F6GEO, F6CEL, G4OBK, HB9AFI, EI7CC, F5UOW and F5NEP. Sound like there is an other activation going on ±1 kHz from me and I am not always sure if the chasers are calling me or somebody else. Disassemble the HF antenna and put up simple dipole for 2 m. Call CQ on 144050 kHz from 0926 UTC to 0943 UTC, but nobody there. QRT and walk back to car.

Next activation probably in September. Next weekend in work and then in OH-land - no real mountains there though some hills in northen part far away from the hams.

APRS: F5VGL-7 Location

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W, T1 ATU, low loop antenna

Map: IGN 3531 OT

Photos: http://sral.fi/oh7bf/MontJoly