F/AB-001 the 19/07

The 19/07 near 05h00 UTC I txing on 14.285 ssb from the top of Mont-Blanc. I try and hope speak with maximum of people.
look the last information on sotawatch !!!


Good luck for Tuesday.

Many thank’s
The big problem for me is the wind. The forecast say 30-20 Km/h it’s the maximum at 4800 m. Last year many wind on the top :frowning:

Salut Jean-Seb!
Hopefully everything will go well.

I was wondering, what antenna do you carry to this mountain?
If the wind is that high it will be difficult to install it?
Good luck, tomorrow I will wake up early to try to catch you using my portable setup from a public park next to my apartment…

73 et bon courage

Well done JS! 73! Hal N6JZT

Ola Ignacio
Thank you for your interest .
For this mountain, I was using MP1 antenna.
Wait a few day, i’m looking for write a Activation reports with a friend : it’s an interesting story :mount_fuji: :wink:


Jean-SĂ©bastien F4CPJ

Merci Jean-Seb, ca sera un pleasure a lire!!

I woke up early and went to the park. Installed the antenna and switched on the radio at about 04:50.
I heard you calling once!! Then gave several calls but didn’t hear you anymore. Domage!
I stayed on frequency for about 20 minutes and the left the frequency. I will have to wait for next chance to catch Mont Blanc.

The same day, about midday I discovered on sotawatch that Stephan DM1LE was also in the summit transmitting CW a bit later. I didn’t know his plan!!

I wait to read your interesting story and see the pictures…
Glad you succeeded on this climb safely.
Meilleures salutations, 73 de Ignacio