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Hi john,
I read with interest on flickr, the details of your portable antenna. I just wondered what size powerpoles you opted for? 15a or 30a maybe. These seem hard to aquire in the uk & can’t remember if it was Farnell or elsewhere that are no longer stocking these.
However, I did find an e-bay store stocking them. The smallest they did were the 30amp ones.
Phil. m0vey


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Waters & Stanton sell Powerpoles (in the Rigrunner range).

Or failing that, I ordered mine from here


They were very quick to deliver, although I’m not sure what the price comparison is with W&S!



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Waters & Stanton

Only if you are made of money or desperate though :wink:

Which brings me to the next point. How many people would be interested in a bulk purchase of Powerpoles? I’m sure there would be enough people lurking on here that could get a reasonable sized order together that would save on the small orders we individually may make.

Torberry sell 10 15A shells and inserts that with P&P and VAT comes in at about 80p a complete single connector. In fact their postage costs £2.50 for upto a 20lb parcel. W&S do the same connectors in a pack of 12 for £11.95 or 99p each :frowning: I’m sure that if we were to order enough ( how many is enough? ) then that cost may be driven down quite a bit.


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I use 2mm plugs and sockets from Maplins:

HF38R 2mm Plug Black £0.59
HF41U 2mm Plug Red £0.59
F44X 2mm Socket Black £0.99
HF47B 2mm Socket Red £0.99

Adequate for 5W from the 817. I mount the socket in the middle of the spacer, though it could be cable mounted.

73, Gerald

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Hi Phil. The 15a and 30A Powerpoles are exactly the same apart from the cable entry size on the contact. If you are soldering and not crimping it is not really important which you use. The 30a contacts are easier to obtain. 15A and 30A Powerpoles mate OK.

I only used them on the antennas because I keep a good stock of them. All my 12v lines for /P and in the shack use Powerpoles. You would not believe the time it saves. Of course it is also impossible to connect anything the wrong way round when in a rush.

Powerwerx sell some simple and cheap Powerpole distribution blocks. They are excellent. Good value with the $ so low against the £

CPC and Farnell both sell Powerpoles.

73 John GW4BVE

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Same here John, I bought mine, 30 amp powerpoles, from torberry, whose service/delivery is superb.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Torberry sell 10 15A shells and inserts
W&S do the same connectors in a pack of 12

That’s 10 connectors and 12 PAIRS. Yes W&S are more expensive, but it’s not a huge factor. If you’re ordering something else at the same time, the difference may not be worth bothering with.

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Hi John,
thanks for the reply & the info. Also thanks to everyone else for the replies. I ordered 2 packs from the e-bay link. That is 20 powerpoles. postage only 50p more for the second pack. Total price was £11.50 so I thought this ok. I intend to build a portable antenna once they arrive. Not necessarily for SOTA, but useful for portable operations anyway.
Phil. m0vey