Extreme QRPp SOTA Fun on Lanzarote

Here’s a delayed activation report from two summits on Lanzarote (Montaña Negra EA8/LA-010 and Guardilama EA8/LA-004). The summits themselves weren’t too special, but my QRPp contacts using SSB were!

100mW back to G (@G4OBK and G0UIH) and 400mW (WD9Q) over the pond to the states were highlights and feats I don’t expect to match again anytime soon :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the chasers, especially the ones with good enough antennas to pick up my miniscule signal!

73 James M0JCQ


Good stuff James. I think I sent you a recording of when you were on mw ? :wink:
Now off to batten down things for the 60mph due this evening 8-(

I recognise that pile of volcanic rocks hi !

You did indeed Mike, thanks again for those. Always interesting to hear what the QSO sounds like from the other side. I’ll be activating a number of summits in GW/MW next Friday and Saturday and hope to work you when I operate on HF (will be mostly 2m FM).

Haha that’s the spot Steve. I have to say it looks a lot greener when you were there :wink: