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External speaker mic for Yaesu

Here’s a dilemma for you…

I have a VX-170 handy with the 4pin TRRS screw in waterproof mic/speaker socket.

I have an old (1989) vintage Yaesu speaker/mic with a combined 3.5/2.5mmm plug.

I have a Yaesu CT-44 adapter combined 3.5/2.5mm socket to 4 pin TRRS non-locking.

The CT-44 plug doesn’t fix a VX-170 and cannot be “dremelled” to fit.

Do I buy a Yaesu CT-91 locking 4pin TRRS plug to flying 3.5/2,5 sockets for about £12 from a UK vendor or do I buy a cheap speaker Mic with locking 4 pin TRRS plug from China for £16.00?

Answers on the back of a used tenner please.

The Chinese mic. I bought one when I 'misplaced ’ my mh-57 for a few years. There’s no difference. Now I’ve lost the Chinese one!

Unfortunately I don’t have a used tenner. How about 0.00001 bitcoin?