External Links: Missing

It looks like all the external resources/links are gone from the DB pointing to the trip reports written by K0XR and K0MOS (others might be missing to, unable to check). Just went down my list (W0C/FR-102, W0C/FR-95, W0C/FR-088 etc.)

On purpose? Or is a trip to backup archive necessary?

Please let me know.


In reply to K0MOS:

The reports were probably placed against W0/FR-102 etc. and the summits have been renamed as W0C/FR-102. The reports are still in place but not where SOTAwatch is looking.

I can ask Jon to locate where the reports went and rename them. This will not happen for at least a week as Jon is a bit busy this week.


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I guess renaming the reports would make sense since it is still the same mountain and the external resources are still a valid resource.


In reply to K0MOS:

Back when W7O got created, many trip reports for Oregon summits never made the migration from W7 to W7O naming. While you are at it, can the original reports be found and renamed? Thank you.

Phil, NS7P

In reply to MM0FMF:
Any word yet if/when the external resources will be restored for the renamed Associations (W0C and W7O)?



In reply to K0MOS:

Hi Matt,

I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll try and get to this in the next few days.

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:
Thank’s Jon… appreciate it.


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Hi Jon,

The same thing happened when W7 Oregon migrated to W7O. All the stored content was not re-associated with W7O.

Any help Jon would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Guy N7UN (W7O Assoc. Mgr)

In reply to N7UN:

Ok. My mistake. It looks like the W7 content was re-associated to W7O in March 2014. Thanks Jon.

73, Guy/n7un