Experience with the ATS-4 Rig

After recovering from back problems in autum I am very happy to be fit and active in the mountains again. Finally I could operate my new built ATS-4 Rig from Steven Weber. The RX is vy quiet and the TX output is vy clean and brings abt 3 Watts with a Battery of only 10.8 V (3x3.6V Lithium). But in the heat of activating a new mountain, by mistake I inserted the power jack into the keyer plug. The Rig blocked then to straight keying mode and the FN button was dead. To not loose the 10 Points and not speaking about the sweat it costs to reach the top of the 3147m Hill, fortunately I could use one of levers of the palm keyer as straight key and activate the spot. Sorry, this was the reason of my QSD on HB/GR-250 and GR-085.
Hope to hear you soon,
73, Guido, HB9BQB